Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Drug & Health Insurance

Who needs Personal Drug & Health Insurance Plan?

The short answer – we all do.

While our provincial health care coverage ensures we have access to primary areas of medical care, Individual Health Insurance fills in the gaps of the cost of health care. 

Drug Plan includes coverage for prescription drugs.  Health Plan includes medical equipment, some services from registered professionals like physiotherapists or psychologists, vision care, dental care, and more.

Personal Individual coverage is designed for those who don’t have access to a group health care plan, most commonly those who are self-employed or between jobs.

By having your own personal plan, you are guaranteeing your coverage, in most cases, for life.

Ask #Questions, Get #Options, Make a #Choice!

If you are looking for a free quote, from plans that qualify for the new Drug Legislation in NB....Click here 

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